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Just a dream. ♥ IV


now two months had passed since the day Larah had spent the afternoon most of her life. She was back to business as usual, but did not disclose to anyone what had happened. He was always the same, but inside her there were always those deep brown eyes stared at her, there was always that smile malaedetto Joseph who held company and there were always jokes that made Kevin smile hidden . Often he had his head in the clouds and a few friends if they had realized.
'Larah Hey, what's wrong? Come down from the clouds! Is there something wrong? ' He told her one day his best friend Sam.
'Who, me? No, not so good '. she said, shaking his head as if awakened from a dream, or rather, was.
had decided not to even say anything to her, her best friend, not because he trusted her, but because he believed that doing so would increase the nostalgia, the pain. He wanted to keep that moment for himself and do whatever they choose. Until then I was happy, she felt lucky to have had that chance. But with every passing day, the joy turned in real pain. He knew that it would end like that, because it would end and that's it. But in the end we really hoped that mobile number. She was one of many, as it was obvious that he was. Then he tried to hide those moments in a corner of his heart, but in vain. They were always there to crowd his mind.
The school had already taken a few weeks. It was a cold February day that totally changed the course of events. Larah was coming out of school and had the i-pod in my ears. She was alone, because that day, her classmate, as well as the girl who came home every day, was absent. He went
from the main gate of the Scientific Institute who attended the phone and checked to see what time it was: '1 new message '
She was surprised. No one used to write at that time, but I still think it was Sam.
'Come down to the parking lot. I'm waiting. Kiss Nicholas' He could not believe. After all those days .. He thought they were kidding, or was he making fun of her. Looked down into the parking lot and saw someone who greeted her, waving his arms. Immediately dropped the bag on the pavements and ran toward the black car and after it, Nicholas.
He stopped in front of him. He smiled. He opened his arms and wrapped her making her feel warm and protected.
'What the hell are you doing here?' she asked, unable to hold back the tears.
'I wanted to see you and talk to you' he said softly.
Larah wiped his wet eyes. At that moment he realized that although she loved him more than his own life, he wanted to clarify things. Nicholas for her was not a normal boy. He was the idol of his life, which until now could never betray or disappoint her. Would not allow him to ruin the image he had of him, he would destroy all dreams. It will seem silly, but not if you think about it. After all, we all human beings.
'Look, I would say one thing ..' terribly embarrassed, "she said.
'Sure, tell me .. I'm listening' he said.
'Here .. see, do not really know where to start with. Well let's start from the fact that you are the idol of my life, you're the guy that I have never betrayed or disappointed, because obviously you could not do it. But now that you've presented here, after two months you're not made to feel .. well, what comes to mind is that you may well mock me or using me as a hobby. And the image I have of you would change and I would not allow it. I am convinced that you're an exceptional guy, but how would I live if overnight I disassembled, ditruggessi me all your dreams? I know I may seem boring and stupid, but I do not want that to happen. I prefer not to see you more, rather. I wish you well and you know that you're the most important person in my life and I still can not believe to be here to talk to you. Please, try to understand me and be honest .. I do not expect anything from you but I want to be sure, you're too important ... ' He looked down, sure that he signed the death sentence of his heart that at any moment to be broken to pieces.
'I understand Larah. And you do not know how sorry I am not having you call. Unfortunately I lost the phone and until I found I could not have your number. I swear, I've become crazy to find him, I could not anymore. I hear you, talk to you. For the rest you can feel comfortable. I have no intention of using you, would never do that to anyone, least of all with you. I wanted really good the first day I saw you and I will not change what you think about me. Maybe it will happen, in short, are not as perfect as they say and I'm very busy you know, I live in the other side of the world .. but I'm a regular guy and I'm not going to hurt you, I'll always be there for you if you want, maybe I will not be here physically, but you can count on me. If there are, I want to be friends'. said smiling.
'Fantastic' she said with dreamy eyes and hugged him. 'Can I ask one last thing? I always wanted to caress her hair ..' he said without waiting for his answer.
'Sure you can ..' he said with a chuckle. She slipped her fingers through his thick, dark curls.
'Wow .. just like I imagined them,' he said, chuckling, too.
They stared into his eyes for a few seconds. Needless to say, Larah believed to dream. They had to awaken
quickly though, when he heard the phone vibrate in the pocket of the jacket.
'Hey Mom, sorry I'm late ..'
'Tell her to come eat with me,' interrupted Nicholas.
'Eh hear Mom, can I go out to eat with friends? .. I know, from you pregooo! occhei occhei after! ' He hung up and drew his best smile. He was in heaven.
'If you tell me where the nearest McDonald's I'll take you to eat ok?' Nicholas proposed opening them the door of the transient.
'Certainly,' said Larah climbing into the car.
They left the road and parking and an indication of another Nicholas Larah and humming the songs from her new album, feeling really friends.
arrived at the McDonald's of Varedo, a village nearby. They ordered and sat down.
'So .. tell me a little about you,' said Nick biting his cheese burger.
'Mmm what can I say? Well, I play volleyball for 8 years, my second year of high school .. actually there's nothing interesting to say, my life is boring '. she said with a grin.
'What do you mean? It 's interesting .. one day I'll come see you play!'
'Oh no, I'm ashamed!'
'I'm sure you're very good! 8 years, so many are hell! '
'Yeah, I get along .. I really like volleyball! Changing the subject, as you stay in Milan? ' she asked a little frightened by the response. Now that everything was so perfect he did not want him to leave again. He did not want having to salute with tears in his eyes for a second time.
'I'm actually here for a week, we have some time to be together if you like!'
'Of course I should, but I have school in the morning and tasks .. pff'
'Yeah .. we will find a peaceful way to spend some time together, and not want to distract from the school'. he said, smiling and sipping a diet-coke.
'Imagine, then I get distracted from my already!' laughed together.
'.. but you're here alone?'
'Yes, Kevin is in Los Angeles with Danielle and Joe stayed at home with Frankie and mine. I'm with Big Rob '
'WOOOAH me introduce you! myth that man! * W * '
' Sure! Tomorrow is Saturday if you'd like to take you step and come to the Hotel? Then take a ride downtown? ' he asked hopefully doing sweet eyes.
'Perfect' she said.



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